India Has The Slowest Internet Speed In Asia …..

A recent survey suggests that India is at the lowest in the list of Internet speeds in Asia. The average speed in India is 1.7Mbps, while the global average internet speed is 3.9Mbps.

The survey was taken in 14 countries in Asia, in which India stood last. The study also showed that average internet speed has declined by 1.5 per cent in India this year.

South Korea is leader in terms of average internet speed according to the survey. South Korea’s average internet speed is 23.7Mbps. It’s the only country that has average speed above 20Mbps. Akamai conducted this survey as a part of ‘State of the Internet’ studies.

Japan and Hong Kong are ranked after South Korea. Japan has 14.6Mbps while Hong Kong has 13.3Mbps average internet speed. The global average internet speed has grown by 1.8 per cent gradually in 2014, it has become 3.9Mbps now.

Many other networking topics were covered in the survey like, Ipv6 adoption, 4K readiness and mobile connectivity. Experts are hoping the average internet speed to cross 4Mbps mark by end of this summer.