Here Are The Features That Android L Offers !

Google announced the upcoming version of their mobile operating system yesterday at I/O 2014. The company has totally renovated the OS with several new features. The new version is called as “Android L.” This new update will definitely bring significant changes in terms of performance, design and security.


The notification UI is inspired from Google Now’s card stack. Notification center will be accessible from lock screen also, which will let users check and respond to notifications without unlocking device.

New notifications will pop on top of the screen even if some other app is running. This feature was implemented using some third party app, Google brings this feature as core feature in Android L.


As we had suspected, Google finally replaced Dalvik with ART. ART was alternative option to Dalvik in Android’s KitKat version. Apps will run much faster now, with default implementation of ART.

3.New UI

Android L comes with totally redefined User Interface. The new UI is based on material design language. Even on screen buttons for Home, Back and Multitasking keys have got new design. Google is also promoting Polymer Design language in order to have standardization in mobile and desktop apps.

4.Security features

Users can now reset their stolen android phone using kill switch feature. The device will not show notifications while it’s locked when secret mode is enabled. Google play services will update these security patches.

5.Improved battery life

Google has worked a lot in order to optimize battery life of Android L devices, this was done as part of Project Volta. Device will switch off services that are not crucial and run 90 minutes extra than usual.


With introduction of material design, multitasking menu in Android L will get 3D look. This effect will also be implemented in chrome on Android.

7.64-bit CPU

Google follows trails of Apple by announcing 64 bit processor. Which means addressable memory constrain has finally been lifted. Device will make full use of RAM.

8.Enterprise integration

Google is monitoring and managing work related apps in better way now. Google aims to enhance enterprise segment with Android L.